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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Rage County

Getting beaten up in public is always a rather embarrassing experience, and I'm pleased to say I managed to avoid such inconvenience in Sainsbury's car park on Saturday morning.
The facts of the case are as follows, constable:
Stuck behind a tractor en route to Cockermouth, I was tailgated by a silver Volvo. The lad in the tractor had his girlfriend in the cab and a phone in his hand so I hung back, awaiting developments. The Volvo overtook both of us on a blind bend. Gestures followed as he sped off. A few minutes later on Gote Brow the Volvo was parked on the curb. As I passed him he pulled out and carefully followed me into Sainsbury's carpark. Tattoos and muscles got out and walked over to me.
"Have you got a problem with my driving marra?"
Clearly this was a tabloid headline waiting to happen, so I gently encouraged him to get back in his car and drive away. He did so, after a few soothing words, but was obviously very upset that I hadn't given him the opportunity to use his fists.
I then went and did a spot of shopping.
Postscript: a straw poll later in the day suggests that what I should have done was drive further down mainstreet, turn left into Cockermouth police station and park in the bay marked 'Staff'. Let's hope I don't ever need to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I keep telling Franklin not to holler at the old people driving slow in front of him... one of them might beat his ass in a parking lot and how humiliating would that be?

24/6/08 7:08 pm  
Blogger Irene Adler said...

It's unreasonable that such people should bully others, and especially bad to intimidate the clinically short.

24/6/08 11:05 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Eleanor - you've clearly got the right idea . . .

25/6/08 9:15 am  

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