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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Eddy Waring - a posthumous encounter

Mention of British sports broadcasting legend Eddy Waring (note to American readers: think Jimmy The Greek with a comedy accent) reminded me that some years ago I was privileged to try on for size the great man's trademark titfer.
It didn't fit. Not even close. Perched atop my head looking embarrassingly un-jaunty.
Thankfully all this took place in the back of a car speeding down Upper Street en route to a hot date in Pizza Express. So the citizens of Islington missed my single-handed re-creation of Waring's legendary dying-seconds commentary on the 1968 Challenge Cup Final. Their loss.


Anonymous Miranda said...

In "Chain Reaction", which came out just after the great sports commentator's death, it sounds like Diana Ross is singing "Tell Eddy Waring there ain't no salvation".

13/4/05 12:39 pm  

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