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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Crawler Lane of the Information Superhighway

Before I started this blog I spent some time researching what could be described as Cumbria's presence on the web. The results were sobering: few enough sites either business or private, not many of them up to date or cutting-edge, and precious few blogs (see the sidebar to the right of this post for the good ones). But today I heard some figures about Cumbria's use of IT that were truly horrifying:
  • 43% of Cumbrians have never used a PC
  • 53% of Cumbrians have never surfed the net
  • 25% of Cumbrian businesses use no IT at all
  • 92% of Cumbrians would never consider using any of the e-government facilities

and worst of all

  • 33% of Cumbrian teachers never use the laptop PCs they're issued with

There's a standard joke in the Lakes that a Cumbrian dual carriageway is any road wide enough for two cars to pass . . .


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