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Sunday, June 25, 2006


More bizarre lifestyle signifiers from West Cumbria . . . in the course of a single day I have encountered two cases of devotion to England's World Cup chances expressed as truly painful automotive behaviour.
Number 1 - the gentleman in Cockermouth who has painted his white Vauxhall with a red cross down the bonnet and across the roof & sides. Sad.
Number 2 - the gentleman on the A595 at Lillyhall this morning who has painted his bonnet with the FA three lions blazon and the words, in best red-white-and-blue Daily Getelarph gothic, 'Chavs 4 England'. At least I think that was what it said. When I slowed down & looked in the rear-view mirror to decipher the message I was rewarded with some extremely graphic hand signals. But then he was driving an extremely un-chavish Rover 200. Perhaps he naturally associates England's chances with the fate of its only volume car manufacturer . . .


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