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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ren Man Goes Hopi

Early today, in an attempt to cure the tinitus problems, I resorted to native american remedies, namely Hopi ear candles. This involved some chap sticking in my ears, what looked like one of those wafer straws you get with posh icecream, and letting them smolder down in turn. It's obviously difficult to do both ears at the same time. The conjured image does nothing but add to my already much tolerated weird reputation.
Despite my natural cynicism for most things alternative (see impending psychic vet posting) my hearing is much improved though my tinitus seems louder. I have two more sessions booked and then I will be ready for sweat lodges.


Anonymous Eleanor said...

I think you might be able to rig a dandy sweat lodge out in the garden there... I can kind of picture it...

13/4/05 2:20 pm  
Anonymous JDC said...

Save your money.

23/4/05 8:37 am  

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