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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Dumbing Down of Call Centres

Yesterday I was the subject of a cold call regarding, I believe, insurance for a credit card I do not have anymore. MBNA are a company to avoid. The caller asked if I had 10 minutes to spare to take a survey. No.... could she call tomorrow at say 10?.... No...... and .... could she just .....as a matter of security check some details Mr Dawes .... a bit of confusion concerning your first name ... is it Brain or is it Brian? Dumbfounded I say that I often get it spelt incorrectly but nobody has ever pronounced it incorrectly. So she says - which one then - Brain or Brian? Brain I say. I hang up and stare at the wall for a few minutes.


Blogger Nick said...

I once had someone call me up from one of these places & address me as 'Sir Nicholas . . .'
I told him to f*** off.

2/7/05 7:23 pm  
Anonymous eleanor said...

Well, just to muck it all up more, MBNA has just been acquired by none other than Bank of America for something in the neighborhood of 36 billion, that BILLION, dollars. I myself always like to ask where they are calling me from...

3/7/05 11:03 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

I have taken great pleasure in destroying my MBNA credit card. They did, however, charge me £29 for next year's card insurance I didn't ask for, nor do I now need. They managed to extract it from me direct debit in the final month of my time with them.. Aaarghhh

3/7/05 11:23 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

A final bit of irony. As I no longer have a MBNA credcard they are unable to credit my account for the 29 quid that they charged me for the insurance on the one I would have owned if I hadn't have given it up. Is this reason enough to have a card in the first place or should I just cancel on the day after the service is withdrawn ... headinaspin aspatria

17/7/05 2:30 am  
Blogger Nick said...

Get the card, accept the refund - & then use it once & once only to buy something of slightly less value than the credit. Leave, say, 10p credit in your favour on the balance. Never use it again. For years they will have the trouble and expense of mailing you a monthly statement telling you your account is 10p in credit.

17/7/05 9:26 am  
Blogger Toast said...

'Brain' is, i believe, an Irish Pronunciation - i believe that i have a relative with that name

1/8/05 3:14 pm  

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