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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Wild West Coast SA Part Two – Les Delices De SA Part I

As far as we were able to tell from our brief stay there was only one place for dinner – The Front Beech Restaurant (Voorstrandt Restaurant) Patternoster

view from the Paternoster Restaurant

..... and one for breakfast
– ‘Spill The Beans’ Lamberts Bay.

Lamberts Bay is worth a blog all of it's own. Food wise though - It was desperate!
We were reduced to eating at ‘The Spur’ Vredenberg on most nights. Actually ‘The Spur’ is really quite good. It’s formula eating – steaks, burgers, hake, curries, chips, salad bar but exceptionally good quality and value. Regional cuisine it is not. It’s also a weird themed experience. All ‘The Spur’ restaurants are themed on North American Indians. Pictures and models of Red Indians abound plus tomahawks and dream catchers and weirdest of all - Tiffany stained glass lampshades based on feather head dresses. Your average North American Indian Teepee is evidently keen on the Tiffany Lamp. I can only think that the idea must have come from the States, along with Coca Cola, Macdonalds, and KFC - also in abundance in SA. (All school signs are sponsored by Coca Cola). It’s still odd though: a North American Native themed restaurant selling non North American Native food in a distinctly non North American Native location. Thursday night was also Matriculation night at Vredenberg High School. Only this could happen in SA. The Spur had organised a fund raising event for the school. All the prefects were shadowing a member of the Spur Staff for the evening. These 18 year old, polite, respectful students (both sexes and all races) in their immaculate prefect’s uniforms took orders, served the salad, cooked the steaks under the supervision of the uniformed polite and knowledgeable staff of a similar age. It would never happen in the UK! We got the Head Girl to serve up our chops. Where else?

Just been told the SPUR is a South Afican Company - first started in Cape Town in 1967


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..

12/8/05 10:29 am  
Blogger Nick said...

Prefect's uniforms? Head Girl? Are you sure this wasn't in fact a boys' night out at School Dinners?

12/8/05 5:01 pm  

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