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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Hole In The Wall Gang

We thought you might like to see this picture of the handiwork of the local architectural consultants/wealth redistributors in Aspatria.

One can only lament their lack of judgement. Their next target should be the shysters and scam-merchants responsible for this outrage.


Blogger RenMan said...

MY sentiments exactly. I for one will transfer my cash drawing services to cashback at the Co-op next door. I wonder who those Hole in The Wall guys were? Ive got a couple of buildings at Sellafield to get down before Christmas. Come to think of it our digger driver was missing for a couple of days last week. Surely not??

12/11/05 2:45 pm  
Blogger Simon said...

Renman.... can you clear me a parking space at B111 when you find your digger driver ?

13/11/05 1:12 am  
Anonymous Old Ari said...

Was that the old Midland bank?

13/11/05 6:51 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Old Ari - there's only one bank I know of in Aspatria & I believe Midland became HSBC some years ago, so . . .

13/11/05 9:30 pm  
Blogger Simon said...

There used to be a Nat West in spyatri, oposite the paper shop. HSBC did used to be the Midland.

14/11/05 7:59 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

Simon ... consider it cleared (BUT is it in the near term work plan?)
There still is a NatWest - opposite Top Bouch.. still open .. and will charge you a £5 to bank an HSBC cheque

17/11/05 12:29 am  

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