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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Music From A Different Kitchen

The Renaissance Couple have departed for South Africa. Before leaving they threw one last bash, an evening of turkey curry and high-class canapes for their friends and fellow band-members of Banjaxed, possibly the most relaxed rock'n'roll band in Cumbria. The Wandering Minstrel and King Of The Road turned up, on guitar and drums. La Virtuosa was invited too and brought along her violin. What followed, post-turkey, was a memorable and, to a strict non-musician, utterly marvellous - a beautiful example of a spontaneous and skilled art lightly undertaken and joyously executed. The band played their regular repertoire & La V joined in, without rehearsal. The results were quite ravishing, marred only by my unique and challenging contributions to the occasional chorus. After a gorgeous rendition of Carrickfergus, the band played on through Moondance, A Case Of You, Please Please Me, My Girl and, finally, Let's Spend The Night Together. Sheer heaven.


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