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Monday, February 20, 2006

Gene Blues- Cousins Jim 3

Those of you with memory can think back to Cousins Jim. You may remember my blood giving episode in the interests of gene pool mapping in West Cumbria. This week I met 2 fellow Cumbrians. We got to talking about cousins: " who was your father? do you remember so and so?..." I explained the gene mapping thing.
"How do you qualify to be able to participate" said one of the 'boys' (55 at least.. but we are boys forever (according to my mother)).
" You have to have 6 out of the 8 of your great grand parents born in West Cumbria. I had 8" I sez.
" Rules me in" was the response "I think I may have had 10 out 8.. there was some doubt about Great Grandads Arthur and George .. but the suspected boyfriends were both West Cumbrians, so it should be ok"
"Well I've got 7" said the other chap "Great Grandad George married Great Grandma Bella after Great Grandma Margaret buggered off with the next door neighbour. My dad married his second cousin but only found out last year. Great Grandma Margaret's Great Grand Daughter is also marrying my son next year"

The gene pool is shallower than we think.


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