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Monday, March 27, 2006

King Of The World

In the course of our love-tryst on the banks of the Tyne, La V & I crossed and recrossed the Millenium Bridge - a dashingly elegant piece of engineering that is one of the few genuinely successful public works spawned by that arbitrary menagerie of a spectacle.
On the second occasion a wedding party were in occupation, lining the walkways under the direction of a professional photographer and a clearly amateur wielder of a video-camera. Obviously the bridge is the place to go for your wedding snaps if you're a Geordie - and we soon discovered why. Bride and groom leaned cosily together against the balustrade, gazing wistfully upstream. The pose was, of course, a conscious re-enactment of the iconic depiction of Kate and Leo in Titanic.
It struck me that only in the Canny Toon would the obvious subtext of the likely longevity of (i) the relationship and (ii) the engineering be so blissfully overlooked . . .


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