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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's an illuminated mirror John

I was on the way to the bottle bank in Aspatria (putting in you understand) and thought I would tune in to Radio Cumbria. Two reasons for this: 1) I quite like the amatuerism of local radio.. and 2) Sunday Morning Love Songs does my head in. John Mann is the Radio Cumbria Jock who gets this Sunday morning slot and how he keeps a straight face I have no idea. Ok he says 'time for the 'whats in the Box' item. He then goes on to describe, without mentioning the name of this thing, a vegetable/fruit juicer. " 14 inch high, plastic and stainless steel electrical appliance, pictures of fruit and veg on the outside of the box... smooth drinks very in fashion and so on. Eventually Bert from Maryport(?) rings in. Morning John.. I know this one (what is it then Bert)... just thought I'd call as I'm waiting for my helper to take me to Morrisons .. having trouble with my eyes you know.. like the programme by the way (thanks Bert .. what's in the box then Bert?) ah yes John I know this one .. 14 inches high hey? (Yes Bert) Ok John I know this .. It's an illuminated mirror John .. got a light in the middle ... magnifies .. you can use it for shaving or applying makeup. Yes definitely an illuminated mirror. (Sorry Bert .. not even tepid) Are you sure John? It sounds just like an illuminated mirror to me (Nope Bert) Ok John great talking to you - Tarra.
You can't make this stuff up. Did anybody hear the Liverpool Radio quiz some years back when they had a phone in quiz? Which vegetable is Sir Walter Raleigh famous for? Is it the Bicycle Jimmy?


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