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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Winter Journey

Travelling to Preston on business related to the Film Festival: early morning approaching Carlisle I noticed for the first time a sight which I must have passed hundreds of times. A patch of waste ground just south of the station has been colonised by silver birch. Their trunks caught the light of the early Cumbrian morning and seemed to burn with a hue of rich peach, exactly what you wouldn't expect and not at all the Old Russia / Ivan's Childhood associations one naturally makes with such a landscape. Later in the day, returning north through the Howgill Fells and over Shap, I watched another landscape, of limestone edges, drystone walls and long drifts of deep snow, pass by. Then I discovered that the grinning pullover has branded each of his trains with the name of a 'legendary voyager'. Yes, I was travelling on The Robert Scott. The perfect tutelar to safeguard a return journey through snow and ice.


Anonymous Big Al said...

Young lochinvar, is available, I have tried to reconcile his trip, with my knowledge of west cumberland geography, and it doesn't fit.

19/3/06 3:23 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Big Al - I think Young Lochinvar was Sir Walter Scott, not Robert Falcon. Perhaps a confused sense of direction ran in the family? If YL came in from the west on his horse then he must have rode out of the Solway Firth . . .

19/3/06 10:37 pm  
Anonymous Big Al said...

Another famous, or notorious traveller, of cumberland origin, from t'port, was Mr Christian. The Green Knight was fictional, so he doesn't count, but he made an extra-ordinary journey. He must have lived near Grisdale, or Mungrisdale.

22/3/06 2:15 am  
Blogger Nick said...

Big Al - I was always impressed by Marlon Brando's sensitive & accurate rendition of the Cumbrian accent in the film. I'm not sure I understand the Green Knight / Grisdale mconnection - I thought he was associated with Tarn Wadlyn?

22/3/06 5:55 pm  

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