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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barrow-In-Furness again – at least there’s no IKEA here

Sorry chaps. I'm running the same risk as the ex B-I-F Thornton's manager who dared to criticize the town in his blog. The shop was boycotted and the staff threatened. Thorntons had send out a public apology and give free chocs for a day or so and eventually move the offender to North Wales. Umm North Wales … I dunno which is the worst posting Wrexham or B-I-F. I'd have trouble deciding which one to be thrown out of first. I like the people in B-I-F better hence my reason for being here (B-I-F that is) once a week but I have made a vow never to go into the town centre just straight to Furness Internet/PPS office and then out again. I must blog about the back door at PPS sometime but.. Anyway - I've been boycotting Thorntons for years now, over an entirely different matter, and I do not want to be tempted by free chocs. Actually it isn't Thorntons with whom I have an issue - it's IKEA. I hate IKEA and am already banned from the Gateshead big shed thing. I am hoping that this might get me banned from the other sheds.


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