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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Banjaxed do Civic Duty

This coming Friday – banjaxed (the wake up to wogan tribute band) are playing at the Allerdale Civic Dinner to mark the end of Margaret Jackson's year as Mayor. Though I can find little to confirm it on the world wide web thingie – starting to worry a little now as I've lashed out £6.50 on a new dickie bow tie.

As the guitar and banjo (sorry) player with banjaxed I am also charged with coming up with the set-list. Having carried out an intensive survey of the 200 or so guests (i.e. thought about who is likely to be there) and a risk assessment of who we are likely to offend I've come up with this little lot. It's very much stream of unconsciousness so I hope there's nowt subliminal. Would any of our reader-ship like to order them. Bear in mind that although I list the origin of the version they will be heavily banjaxed.

  • Dancing in the Street (Bowie Jagger version ) – linking straight in to.. Walk in the Room (Jackie de Shannon version almost)
  • Stop Your Sobbin (Kinks/ Pretenders mix) linking in to a folk rock version of the Supreme's Stop in the name of love – ends with a fast Irish jig I kid not!)
  • Runaway (the Bonnie Rait version of the Del Shannon song modified to suit the band of course )
  • Under My Thumb (the Stones with mandolin, drums, bass and re-gendered for twin female chauvinist vocals)
  • Under African Skies (Paul Simon Ladysmith Black Mombasa with Cape Jazz Kwela overtones) – I see a theme building Dance .. Walk …Stop … Under Under…
  • Let's Spend the Night Together (Stones meets Queen with Young Tradition harmonies
  • All Over Now (Stones to a reggae beat partly unaccompanied – finger in ear!)
  • Under the Board Walk ( I forget who just now – but fairly straight other than the mandolin)
  • Out of Time (The Chris Farlow version nearly !) linking in to Moon Dance (Van the Man but a bit more frantic and louder)
  • Aint No Cure for love (Cohen via Jennifer Warnes and then banjaxed to hell)
  • Beeswing (driving beat version of the Richard Thompson number – pretty close to the original at least as I remember it)
  • Just One Look (Doris Troy -Mandolin lead)
  • Stoopid Coopid (yeh – but a penny whistle version of the one Di remembers from the Juke Box in the pub in 1962)
  • Room at the Top of the World (Tom Petty – with Banjo and Stratocaster and some nice harmonies)
  • Knock On Wood (more or less straight lift of the Eddie Floyd version – at least the drum part is!)

And that's it.

Should fill 90 minutes, with a break for string repairs after Beeswing. Suggestions please for the encore.


Anonymous Lex said...

I am almost certain that John "Cougar" Mellencamp, who used to vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when he was a kid, recorded a cover of "Under the Boardwalk" that actually includes a mandolin solo. You might look for that and insert banjo for mandolin.

Or not.

21/4/07 9:27 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

Under the Boardwalk: that's from the unfortunately late Otis Redding. A smashing tune indeed. How about "War" as an encore? You could jax the crap out of that!

23/4/07 10:08 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Good God y'all!
What is it good for?

23/4/07 10:25 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

abosolutely nothin'!!!!!

25/4/07 1:35 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Say it again . . .

25/4/07 1:56 pm  
Blogger jack said...


10/5/07 9:52 am  

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