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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mad Scientists Stole My Dad's Radioactive Kidney

The local media are running a story about our county's world-leading hi-tech industry which simply has everything you could wish for in a news item.

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Anonymous Lex said...

Well, other than the Page Six girl, yes.

I'm pleased to say that all my kidneys are presented and accounted for, but then I tend not to late strange women buy me drinks in Tijuana. You?

18/4/07 8:37 pm  
Anonymous lex said...

"present," not "presented," of course, although if one of my close relatives needed one I suppose I would present him/her one.

18/4/07 8:39 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Lex - alas I lack your experience of Tijuana tequila totty, but the experience of a Turkish gentleman in London a few years ago will serve as a warning to all.
This chap thought he'd won an all-expenses-paid holiday in our capital city. On arrival he was slightly puzzled by the, erm, clinical atmosphere of the hotel he'd check in to, but assumed that the crisp white uniforms of the staff were just a sign of traditional British hospitality. He got really worried when he wokoe up the next morning in a different room from the one he remembered going to sleep in, plus a scar in his back & minus a healthy kidney.
Personally I have a theory that our tabloid press would never have splashed this story all over the front pages if the gent's named hadn't been 'Mr Tunc Cunter' (apparently it's a common surname in Anatolia . . .)

19/4/07 9:50 am  
Anonymous dr john said...

And of course the thought that they might get their hands on a bit of BNFL's dosh in recognition of psychological trauma etc has absolutely nothing to do with it...

19/4/07 2:14 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

The best version of this best-of-the-best urban legend is where the victim wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with the requisite stitches. I kinda like this organ-preservation twist, don't you?

19/4/07 5:50 pm  

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