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Friday, August 24, 2007

Alistair Cooke v The Archers: most soporific?

Since Alistair's demise in 2004, me and Mrs. RW have been unable to reach that deep REM sleep. We have this awful habit of sleeping with the radio on – much to the annoyance of the daughterous one (Emma) – who has been known to sneak in and switch the thing off thus waking her parents!!!! I cannot remember a single word that Alistair Cooke delivered. As soon as his programme came on, early Sunday morning, no matter how interesting it was or how concentration demanding his tangential excursions, we would be in REM in less than 60 seconds. Only waking when some damn organ music struck up a little later in the morning. It was wonderful sleep. The best you can get.

We tried 'Something Understood' with Mark Tully…. more like 'Misunderstood'. The rage of not understanding what the hell is going on even kept the dog awake. *1

On Wednesday, just gone, Mrs. RW and I were having a lie down early evening after a grueling day. Look - when you get to our age it makes sense to get some daytime sleep in when you can. We slumped into the new bed and put on Radio 4 to get the end of the 6.30 comedy slot and the News and The Archers. I remember The News but .. then.... not a thing until Mark Lawson's adenoidal smart-artsed ramblings were heard. Ok he's smart but at least he has a face for radio so he shouldn't sound that smug … sorry…… I went off piste again. Yerh - there you have it - The Archers. I can't think of a pun or witty aphorism to finish. Even the thought of St. Jennifer Darling of Ambridge is enough to get me slapping the face and doing pull-ups on the steering wheel.

*1 - post post: I looked up Something Understood and got this: 'Something Understood has been broadcasting contemplative programmes to insomniacs, early risers and night owls since 1995. Its original and principal presenter is Sir Mark Tully, former BBC correspondent and author of a number of books about India. Other presenters have included Fergal Keane, Sheena Macdonald, Bonnie Greer and Joan Bakewell. ....... Presenters choose a theme that interests them and then pick pieces of music, poetry and prose. Often the starting point is something in life that is puzzling or doesn't seem to fit: an unexplained gesture, an angry thought. Small themes often work better than grand thoughts. The presenter then circles around the grit until the end of the programme, when they may or may not have an answer. Spiritual rather than religious, Something Understood is about the thoughtful moments in life.' -
Well that's alright then!!!


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