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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Al Gore ithm

Yesterday I think I was spammed. I got an email from Al Gore on behalf of Live Earth. I was invited to participate in an event –Live Earth Day. I had to host a party - a 'Live Earth House Party' . It sounded like a good idea and my opportunity to do something for the planet (again!). Anyways ~ about 10 mins into filling in a very complex form, designed to do what, I don't know, I lost the will and decided to spoil the ballot paper. I submitted my stuff and sat back. Initially I got the automated advices back and then what still seems to be an automated deletion of my posting. I still think it's automated. Am I being paranoid or do you think that this is a genuine happening. Here's the response followed by my further enquiry. I've done a lot of this sort of automated email and they can be very clever.

From: Live Earth [mailto:info@friendsofliveearth.org] Sent: 20 June 2007 23:56
To: Brian Dawes
Subject: Event Deletion: Live Earth House Party
An event you posted has been deleted from our system. The event's details are below.
Live Earth House Party
Time: Saturday, July7 at 12:00 PM - All Day Event
Location: Arkleby arkl;eby, CA72BT

Hello Brian,
I have deleted your event as it did not contain information making it seem like a valid event. If you do indeed intend to host a real festival in support of the Live Earth message of the need for climate protection please log back onto www.liveearth.org and re-register your event through Friends of Live Earth on the right hand side. This time please include more information and do not put 'silly' in the addressee box.

Thank you for your understanding.
Live Earth

Dear Live Earth
I would like to host a live earth musical even. But in these Spam Days that we live in I started to mistrust the questions being asked so I introduced some spurious spelling mistakes and answers.
If indeed this is a genuine real event please can a real person respond and not just what seems to be an al gore ithm.
Brian Dawes

What do you lot think – am I off beam on this one?


Anonymous Herr Doktor Professor said...

Plenty of plausible Google hits for liveearth.org, but their privacy policy isn't so wonderful: "Live Earth may share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your personal information collected on the Site to third parties unrelated to Live Earth, including charitable organizations, so these third parties can contact you for marketing and promotional purposes."

21/6/07 9:27 pm  
Anonymous Lex said...

I for one welcome our new marketing overlords.

21/6/07 10:09 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

I think it's perfectly reasonable to request an actual person to be in touch with you. With a privacy policy like theirs it takes some balls to spank you for using the word "silly." Maybe you should try "fuck" and see what happens!

22/6/07 12:47 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Oh dear me . . . I've finally got the joke in the title of the post . . .

22/6/07 2:41 pm  
Anonymous Herr Doktor Professor said...


You're fortunate you don't have to make yor living in the world of computer programming.


22/6/07 8:43 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

I have people who do that for me. (Program computers, I mean. Making a living is still one of the tedious but necessary tasks I'm obliged to undertake . . .)

24/6/07 10:36 am  

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