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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Taking An Teallach By Strategy - Day 1

There are mountains - and then there are mountains. An Teallach, the great multi-corried ridge of Torridonian sandstone on the western shore of Little Loch Broom has ravished my heart ever since my dalliance with Liathach was consummated a couple of years ago. Really good mountains are never there for the taking, they require patience, planning, care and luck. In 2002 I'd laboured up Sail Liath, at the south-eastern end of the ridge, in a 50mph wind, horizontal rain, and 5-metre visibility. Above Cadha Gobhlach I'd turned back, my disappointment tempered by the knowledge of gratification postponed, that this was a hill far more rewarding for being kept for a sunny day.
So this will be the year of An Teallach, by strategy.
Day 1: Torridon is pouring with rain, low cloud across the loch, high winds, a grey curtain of water further up the glen. My route is clear: I execute a daring traverse to the Loch Torridon Country House Hotel & follow a line of masterful inactivity amidst the Gothic splendour of that establishment's whisky bar.


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