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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

THE Trail Hound - naming conventions

I sit here, with the Princess of Darkness on my knee, pondering the previous blog. Our rescued hound 'bendigo, actually trailed under the racename of Toffee Boy. This seems to have no link to tradition or contemporary naming convention. Back in the 50's/60's there were a whole series of dogs again with no contemporary link - Signal Box, Signal Major, Lady Pat, Dairyman, Lady Lou, Lofty, Lonning Lass, Lonning Lad. I remember walking one of the 'Signal..' dogs for the owner when I was 11 or so. This Cockermouth chap who was as lean and as long legged as his hounds went under the name of Lanty. I have a distinct feeling that the nicknames of owners will be as obtuse as the names of their dogs. Another point of interest is that in most cases the names are very un-doglike/unrelated to the act of trailing or running at speed. For example: Rodney Charm; Advertiser; Judy; Torch Singer; Wayne..... I must widen my research into say greyhounds, race horses..........uurmmm.......... or maybe get a real job.


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