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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Les Delices De Cumbria - Part VI

Possibly the finest bruschetta available to humanity - or at least the portion of it fortunate enough to live between the River Lune & the Roman Wall - is to be found in Cockermouth at Merienda, an intimate, relaxed little cafe-bar on Station Street. We were there to listen to jazz-singer La Stupenda & cheer her on to her inevitable triumph.
Outside the jeunesse doree of Cockermouth were on the razzle, lads trying to look so hard, lasses trying to escape from their strictly minimalist ball-gowns, and security staff looking as if they'd been unaccountably left behind in the evolutionary rush. From time to time the natural exuberance of La Stupenda's audience spilled out onto the streets & the youth stared in at us, wild surmises all round. I won't swear to it but it's just possible that a passing bouncer may have smiled.


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