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Sunday, July 17, 2005


In general, we try to fill this blog with firsthand experience rather than reviews of films & books (see the sidebar for what's currently being watched & read) but I managed to get in to see the UK Premiere of one of the autumn's big blockbusters in Cambridge this week, so I thought it worth scooping the mainstream media.
Nightwatch (Nochnoi Dozor) is a big-budget CGI-laden spectacular with a difference - it's made in Russia, though with American money, and it'll be all over your screens papers and web-pages in October.
A spectre is haunting Moscow - a Manichean struggle between the forces of darkness & light which has been going on since Byzantine times. Now it's coming to a head as the uneasy truce between Nightwatch (the good guys, approximately) & Daywatch (the not-so-good vampires), held in check by a bizarre & never-explained bureaucracy of licensed blood-sucking, begins to unravel. Nightwatchman Anton Gorodetsky, a human sensitive to the shadow-world of the conflict, is searching for a lost child abducted by Daywatch renegades: meanwhile, elsewhere in Moscow a creature powerful enough to bring on the apocalypse is about to be incarnated. Very fast, very stylish, delivering an assault to both the senses & the intellect, Nightwatch throws together Highlander, Ghostbusters, Buffy, Videodrome, The Hunger, Philip Pullman, Russian history, Marxist dialectic, casual references to 9/11 and a dozen other suspects into a massive hodgepodge of a quest that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.
Fox's goonsquad were on the door on Thursday night confiscating mobile phones, cameras and ipods, so they obviously think their property is well worth protecting to ensure its success. I thought it was 20 minutes too long and derivative tosh, so I'm sure it'll be an enormous hit. You have been warned.


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