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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Continuing Live Aid 8 rant... and on drums .....

Ok I may have missed the point. I watched it for a bit and my conscience feels a lot better. Presumably I don't have to do anything else now to help Africa.. except depose Mugabe on my next trip. But the point seems to have moved to 'should the bands (who didn't get paid to appear) profit from increased sales of their records'. No talk of Africa then. For a start... how would we know? What if sales went down? Could there be a claim against Sir Bob for damages due to appearing?
So many questions... so few answers.

Hey those 8 middle aged white guys in Gleneagles wouldn't look out of place in Pink Floyd. ......and on drums Jacques Chirac; and on stacked heels and vibes welcome little Vladi Putin... lead vocals well now there's a dilemna.


Blogger Miles said...

Why are people so THICK! Does the person who first thought "oh, should the bands be allowed to profit from extra sales?" not realise that the prospect of extra sales is the only reason those capatalist bands are there!?

Free publicity, and a fake portraial as samaritans while they're at it.

Hey Bob, why don't you send them some money? You're richer than us, or did you just want to raise your public opinion?

7/7/05 9:39 am  
Blogger Nick said...

. . back from his recent operation, Silvio Berlusconi on tympani . .. digging Jacques Chirac on accordion . . . really wild, monsieur . . .
Whoops. Sorry, I just came over all 'The Intro & the Outro' there.

8/7/05 5:42 pm  

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