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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Other West Cumbria? In SA - estate agents are a cult.

We are back in the Western Cape.
Been here 2 weeks now.

Greyton is a lot like Lorton. However, Greyton has more donkeys and cows on the streets and probably more infrastructure. There may be more telephone numbers - approx 400 ( total capacity of 999 with a format -021 2549-XXX) and definitely more Estate Agents - 7 at the last count. Thats 1 for every 60 houses!

In SA the Estate Agent is king/queen. The local papers - instead of showing a photo of the house (pronounced Hars) to be sold; they show a younger picture of the estate agent. (see Pam Golding).
This is pic of Pam and her children taken approx 15 years ago .. and still in regular use.

They also do the same when selling cars.

clip of car sales personnel in local paper .. offering money back (I think)

Why oh why would anybody buy a car/house from these persons? (persons is also South African for people)


Blogger Nick said...

The picture of the two 'car salesmen' - taken from South Africa's Most wanted, surely??

27/8/05 5:18 pm  

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