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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blencogo - pronounced Blencogo

Blencogo - pronounced - Blencogo. Letter from Aspatria:TWO
To get to the Hank Wangford gig we had to divert via Blennerhasset as the sewers are up in Spyatree.

Blennerhasset is fairly easy. Drop the Blenne and turn the e into an uh.
Rassut. Got it? Rassut.

Bi for now.


Anonymous Big Al said...

I was intrigued when in West Virginian to find an hotel called the "Blennerhasset Hotel" It was named for the island in the Ohio river, Blennerhasset Island, named for the family who lived there, post the rebellion, the family however came from Ireland! They had come to America, to indulge in an incestuous marriage.

25/11/05 3:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe there remains a strong tradition of incestuous marriage in Blennerhasset (allegedly)and that Blennerhasset in Ireland was founded by the Blennerhassets from Cumberland who were escaping the tradition... keep up!

27/11/05 11:35 am  

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