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Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh Wont you write me.. a letter from Aspatria: ONE

Oh Won’t you write me .. a letter from Aspatria: One

The first thing to learn is the pronunciation: ASPEYTREEUH.

It is the only place I know in the world with 3 A’s and all pronounced differently.
The first A is pronounced as in Bath (the short guttural Northern version please).
The second A is like the A in Cake.
The third A is an uh .. a sort of grunt.
Ok you got it Aspeytreeuh - ASPATRIA.
Repeat after me - ASPATRIA.
It gets complex now. The locals drop the first A…..more like move it to replace the e in Spey… move the Y in front of the moved A to make SPYAT (not SPY AT but SPYAT (like SPLAT) but with a YU. You then have to drop the last A and pronounce the I as EE. So? if you are still with me . SPYATREE.
BUT .. just in case you are getting comfortable with this. If you mention SPYATREE to any West Cumbrian, the conversation assumes some sort of Pavlovian call and response.
Where’s th’ frae?
Spyatree? LowpOot?
Aye. LowpOot

I have this cunning plan to replace the Aspatria signs with Spyatree LowpOot. I’ll sponsor the making of them (I have a friend in Wukintun with a sign making business) I just need some help under cover of darkness for the realisation of this fantasy.
LowpOot dates back to the 1860’s when the railway guard informed the third class passengers that ‘the train had now arrived at Aspatria station.. would the Third Class passengers care to disembark’, by shouting ‘SPYATREE – LOWPOOT’

Next letter from Aspatria, I will attempt to teach all our blog readers to pronounce Torpenhow, Baggrow, Workington, Broughton, Moota and Blindcraig. I also have a cunning plan to replace all their road signs too.
Whilst I am in this frame - why is Harker Marsh subtitled Sunny Slack?


Blogger Nick said...

Well slack = marsh (as in Jarrow). Where Harker & Sunny come in I'm not so sure. Aspatria, btw, is Ash-Patrick, St Patrick's Ash, presumably an early place of worship of the Saint - who might just have come from hereabouts . .

14/11/05 11:45 pm  
Anonymous Big Al said...

Lowp out, I thought this was from when speatrie was the terminus of the aspatria-annan railway, and all passengers had to get out. There was a lovely bridge across the solway, taken down during the war. I have wondered if the line closed after No.4 Pit closed.

16/11/05 12:19 am  
Blogger RenMan said...

Once tried to find the bridge coming South and got to the end of a very muddy lane before turning back. Could see the sea though, and home. If it was still in use now we could be in Annan in 20 minutes. Wow. Second thoughts on the Annan wow factor. A think third class had a lot to do with the instruction to vacate the train though.

20/11/05 3:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought the lowp oot came from the mining trains,,the baggra bus to be precise

11/1/06 9:27 pm  

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