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Friday, May 05, 2006

We Are All Dupes And Poltroons

Shocking news - the Intrepid Mountaineer, who clearly has nothing better to do than hang around Penrith railway station at lunchtime, has mounted a daring expedition to find the exact site of this hilarious photograph -

Unfortunately, he reports it doesn't exist - at least not on Penrith Station. A Photoshop-fuelled jolly jape, we wondered? More likely a bitingly satirical piece of detournement by a local artist, now removed by the humourless henchmen of the Grinning Pullover. A shame, we say. More people ought to be sucked off in Penrith. It would liven the place up . . .


Blogger Lex said...

And yet the London Underground markets ladies' knickers inscribed, "Mind the gap!" ....

7/5/06 12:17 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Lex - That is splendid. I believe that some years ago an English football team marketed similar garments inscribed "I scored with Scunthorpe United". (Pause for very old joke about Scunthorpe . . .)

7/5/06 12:32 pm  
Anonymous Phred said...


I like it . See if you can get one and donate it to the Clinton Library

14/5/06 4:45 pm  

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