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Monday, September 11, 2006

Cumbria Is Kazakhstan!

Nobody who has spent time trying to extract money & support - be it never so modest - from one of the quangos charged with overseeing our county's development will be at all surprised by this story. Regional development bureaucracy is a nightmare from which Cumbrians are trying to wake up.
On a more positive note, a local entrepreneur has offered his unfeasibly water-logged iron ore mine as a suitable home for our county's splendid collection of high-level radioactive waste.
Correct your maps!


Blogger rick said...

Heh, i worked at the Heritage Centre at Florence Mine about 3 years ago, we went down into it occasionally - it was still operational at the time, and tours would go down. Parts are suprisingly spacious and the place is vast when you take into account every shaft (there are between 4 to 6 i believe), and it could feasibly be converted (parts of it were bone dry when they had the pumps running at full whack. A couple of problems i would want considered are the effect it'd have on tourism - radioactive waste is a bit of a turn-off, and how do we get rid of the radioactive clouds that will appear when Egremont inevitably decides to cave in again.

11/9/06 11:01 pm  
Blogger Ray & Gill said...

Interesting people you have up there. If the first lot had brains they would be dangerous. The second lot have no brains – and they are dangerous as well!

12/9/06 1:27 pm  
Blogger Gill said...

Don't get me started on the Northwest regional development agency!! They gave out a 12 page free paper with The Observer this week on Northern Culture- 2 paragraphs were about Cumbria.

13/9/06 11:43 am  
Blogger Gill said...

and if Cumbria is Kazakhstan then maybe Sacha Baron-Cohen would like to come along to Whitehaven dressed as Borat and join the 'mosque' debate.

13/9/06 12:02 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Gill - judging by the antics of the BNP in West cumbria we could do with some of Baron-Cohen's brand of anti-racism . .

15/9/06 7:45 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Oh, and Rick, I share your concerns about the dangers of a radioactive, subsidence-prone Egremont . . . tell us more about your time in Flo . . .

15/9/06 7:46 pm  

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