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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Orange Revolution Comes To Arkleby

It seems it's compulsory for the younger members of the Arkleby boheme. Sooner or later, you have to own a van. The moment of truth arrived this week for the Wandering Minstrel, and we suddenly found the yard graced by a large M-Reg Transit. There was only one problem with it - it just wasn't orange enough. In fact it's orange perfection was disfigured by a series of Prussian blue polka dots down its side. But it was splendid none the less. The Wandering Minstrel's project - to transport his yurt down to Kent atop the van - soon ran into fundamental difficulties. Jump-leads were required. Luckily I have a pair. There was much rubbing of chins and scratching of heads. Eventually, the envanned Minstrel headed south. We've not heard from him since. This was several days ago. We're imminently expecting the phone to ring and a voice to fade in over the crackling ether . . Arkleby, we have a problem here ....


Blogger RenMan said...

One small step for the minstrel.. one giant yurt for vankind.
It's a good job I was 'away' as there are currently 3 things rubbing me up contra the right way: The Minstrel, The Yurt and The Van. So far not a dickie but I expect the mobile phone is in need of jump leads. Still the yard is now peacefull and 'his' room can be pressure washed.

7/10/06 2:13 pm  

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