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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's All Turned To Custard

At Christmas the household acquired a state-of-the-art electric ice-cream maker, a present to V inspired by the success of the Northern Professor and the Lady Novelist with their own iced confectionery. After some initial false starts we're now awash with stupendously high quality iced desserts and the younger members of the household are entranced by my virtuosity with honeycomb crunch and ginger mascarpone.
The key to this success has been the assiduously hard work spent on my custard technique which has recently blossomed into unqualified success with the difficult-to-pull-off soft-scoop bitter chocolate recipe whose perfection had eluded me for some weeks.
Now fresh horizons of cultural fusion beckon and a project has been mooted to achieve a high standard chocolate chilli-pepper ice cream. Ice cream theory suggests that this is best achieved by infusing the milk with finely chopped chillis when preparing the custard. Then adding a selection of diced, deseeded chillis to the mixture either pre- or post-churn.
V has serious concerns about the whole enterprise, fearing that the chilli oils will cling to the inner surface of the churn, imparting a flavour of chilli to all future ice cream.
Would the readership care to offer advice?
There are culinary Titans out there and we need your help with the practicalities of effective chilli technique and choice of chilli pepper. Advice on the dangers of long-term chilli contamination would be particularly welcome.


Anonymous Eleanor said...

I have no clue how to prevent chilli contamination but it all sounds YUMMY, so please figure it out before we get there it May!

9/3/07 9:52 pm  
Blogger Gill said...

Pop into Hartley's and ask them?? :-)

I agree it sounds yummy and if the inside of your icecream maker is metal or ceramic it shouldn't taint. (Trust me my husband is a Materials Scientist!)

10/3/07 11:48 am  
Blogger Arthur Clewley said...

my advice to make your ice cream always come out perfectly, install a klaxon on the roof of your house that plays greensleeves when the stuff is ready to comsume, or alternatively send the missus to iceland

11/3/07 10:56 am  

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