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Saturday, April 15, 2006

No, I Am Not White Van Man, Nor Was Meant To Be . . .

The double is out there, somewhere . . . a couple of weeks ago I was over in Penrith with La V at a social event. A stranger accosted me, convinced that he had recently met me at an orchid-growers' convention. His embarrassment on realising his mistake was palpable. Last Tuesday at The Bitter End in Cockermouth's elegant Kirkgate, The Thoughtful Scotsman assured me he'd seen me driving a white van at speed through downtown Wigton on Sunday afternoon. I gave him my alibi (halfway round Ennerdale Water at the time, as La V will testify). These mis-sightings can mean only one thing - my doppelganger is back. He turns up infrequently: I once saw him myself when I was cycling down Madingley Road in Cambridge - and he was cycling in the opposite direction; a few days later my girlfriend arrived at a rendezvous, sat down and found herself staring at - someone who was almost but not quite me. I suppose it is just possible that I have a separated-at-birth twin somewhere in Cumbria (twins run in my mother's family), but I'm sure that my parents would have mentioned it to me at some point. If he really exists, he's presumably driving a van full of orchids around the northern counties. Have you seen this man?


Blogger Lex said...

I know of no doppelganger of my own, but there is another Lex Alexander here in North Carolina. I've never met him, but I've known of him since I was about 6 and got his overdue-book notices from the library police when we both were growing up in Charlotte. (I think he's six or eight years older than I.) Apparently he lives somewhere in the Triangle (the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, for you UK folk), and because I've spent a lot of time there and all three of my sibs have lived there for extended periods (two still do), we appear to know many of the same people. Our personal e-mail addresses are very similar, so I've gotten a few e-mails intended for him.

I really need to meet this guy some day.

17/4/06 4:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course this could be an advantage... you got somebody to blame shit on!

21/4/06 12:37 am  

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