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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Other WC

I am currently working unsupervised. Higher management (Mrs RM/MsRW) has gone to the Western Cape, South Africa (WCSA) for the summer leaving me here in West Cumbria UK (WCUK) for a couple of weeks before joining her for August. She threatens to blog from there but so far has resisted. The village and surroundings of Greyton in WCSA are not unlike WCUK - some weather exceptions maybe - although at this time of year their early spring is a lot like our high summer - but with less rain. Today though Cumbria is glorious.
I was going to embark upon the Health Service Rant... but all is well with me and the world as it affects me today so - I'm going to leave it.
Greyton in Winter & The Western Fells from Cockermouth - choose?


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