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Friday, September 23, 2005

By The Time We Got To Woodstock

The Renaissance Couple's garden now sports a flagpole supporting a great roof of canvas above a wooden stage. Tents are springing up on the grass. Amps and speakers are being heaved into position. Yes, the preparations for Arkleb(ur)y 2005 are well underway. Tomorrow 200 people will join us in the garden for one day of good music, headlined by the excellent Steve Tilston. Any other resemblance to a well-known rock festival of the past is purely coincidental, but today's wind and rain has provided enough mud to make it feel just like Woodstock maaan. (Note to the younger readership - for Woodstock, think Glastonbury with American accents, and don't swallow the blue acid). Whether the RAF's low-flying Tornadoes will be turning into butterflies above our nation is open to question, but you'll be able to read about it all tomorrow in this blog . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe It's The Solway Firth
Or maybe the Isle of Man
I don't know where I am
But that's the drinking

We are banjaxed .. we are old 'uns
and we got to get ourselves to the back garden

23/9/05 7:41 pm  

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