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Friday, September 16, 2005

Bute-y Call

One of the less salubrious aspects of life in Battersea was the decoration of phone-box interiors with the calling-cards of local purveyors of horizontal entertainment (though heaven knows why they chose to target the minuscule fraction of the population too poor to own a mobile phone). Here in Bute, island of St Blane & home to Cafe Zavaroni, family business of the tragic child-star, things are quite different. Local phone-box interiors are decorated with the calling-cards of tree surgeons and landscape gardeners. What this tells us about the economic reality and suppressed desires of Brandane life I can only imagine. Maybe messages saying "young, 17-year-old blonde tree-surgeon" have hidden meanings we can but guess.


Blogger Lampy said...

Bute is cool, it has the most bizarre theatre, The Pavilion?, obviously built to cope with floods of visitors from Glasgow and the environs in the 1930's it is now a vast rusting thing. We peformed there with the opera a couple of years ago, and it was extra-ordinary, in order to reduce the space, they rig huge billowing off white drapes on catenery wires, the effect akin to performing in an enormous fantasy tent inside a building, weird. We couldn't perform on the stage because there is a lighting bar permanently hung at six foot off the ground, 'for the bingo' we were told. Little wonder that the late Lena Z. got off the island. although she would have passed under it quite comfortably.

19/9/05 7:58 pm  

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