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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Traits . Do you have traits?

I stayed in Glasgow this week and did some people watching as I was dining solo. R-woman says that me dining solo is a good thing due to my inability to 'hit the mouth'. At the next table a family celebratory dinner was about to take place. The father ushered everybody to their seats and then prepared to make a wee address to the gathering. I was forced to listen. He thanked his family for their attendance at his wife, Margaret's birthday supper. He droned on in a middle class Glaswegian accent, which I will not attempt to phoneticise(?) but think Taggart. He had known Margaret for 46 years and they had been married 44 years. 40 of those years had been very happy .. but 4 (he didn't specify which 4) had been less so. However things were now satisfactory and he hoped that they would continue to be happy, now that he had gotten used to her traits. The dinner went by in silence. I can only assume that one of Margaret's traits was the strange look she gave her man.
Retired to my room in search of Zantac.


Blogger Julian said...

What courage. It's a word I try to avoid pronouncing: 'trays' is too voulu, and people say what? - and 'traits' is so ugly and harsh. Especially about the Mrs, in front of everyone. Beats the telly for watching though, no question.

7/10/06 3:09 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

I guess that blowing the dosh on a fancy restuarant is more fun than just giving it to the lawyers (which sounds as if it was the bloke's other option . . .)

8/10/06 3:58 pm  
Blogger Julian said...

You're right. Reminds me of the very fed-up elderly mother whose family were squabbling over their share of the inheritance to come - this was only last year, I think - and who took out full page colour ads in every big newspaper and periodical she could think of, telling them to stop bickering or watch the money get printed away to nothing. Haven't heard what happened in the end. Perhaps they took the advice.

9/10/06 2:36 pm  

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