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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Americanisation Of Beatrice

I'm always angered when the right start banging on about how 'our British culture is being changed' (thinly disguised crypto-Fascistspeak for 'Britain should be a white country'). But it does beg the question of where the changes really originate. In the last week the household's been whipped into a frenzy by nightly trick-or-treat expeditions. Beatrice, V's younger daughter, was especially active, and proud of her haul of treats extorted from the Beghan burgers, but noticeably oblivious to the origins of the practice - to her, this was just how Hallowe'en had always been.
Would she be doing Penny For The Guy on November 5th? I asked her.
She looked at me blankly. Penny for the guy? November 5th? What was that about?
On the positive side you could just about view this as the end of 400 years of popular anti-Catholic prejudice. But it seems the Americans really have colonised us . . .


Anonymous Herr Docktor Professor said...

Trick or Treat.

The Nutritional Goddess and I sorted out the little buggers: we gave them bananas.

This caused a certain degree of confusion amongst the young extortionists.

If they come back next year, we'll probably give them Tabasco-painted sweets.

3/11/06 8:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was an American thing but when you look into it it's actually of Irish origin

7/11/06 10:20 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Bob - well, well, I never knew that. Given the Irishness of much of West Cumbria you'd almost expect it to have been going here for years or be recognised as such. Though its immediate provenance is pretty obviously American (& I would guess given wider currency by the success of ET in the early 80s)

8/11/06 9:00 am  

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