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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lives Of The Great Belgians - Part II

Undeterred by the hostility of the lanolin-daubed fiends in the field outside, I took up the saxophone once more. Right thumb under the rest. Fingers of the left hand poised lightly. Deep breath, and . . .
The Gressingham duck resumed its mortal agony. Ben the Trailhound stared at me balefully, but did not move. Gradually, the crass honking emanating from the sax began to take on some sort of consistency.
Buoyed up by the illusion of competence, I kept on breathing and blowing, until my lip gradually took on the feel of lacerated rubber.
Now I felt ready for something a little more advanced. I stood in front of the window and sneered at the sheep. This time, as I blew on the sax, I lifted it up and leant backwards. Then I dropped it down and leant forwards. Pause. As I blew again, I turned to the left . . . and to the right . . . Splendid! I was beginning to get the hang of this. With a little concentration, I found I was soon able to execute a little four-step dance routine, backwards, sideways, forwards, while playing. After twenty minutes or so, I slumped in the chair, elated. My sax playing was clearly coming along swimmingly well.
I've noticed that the sides of the instrument are adorned with a series of rather complicated-looking keys and levers. Tomorrow I hope to find out what happens when I press one of them.


Blogger Viking Longship said...

I've on word for you.


26/4/07 8:36 pm  
Blogger Viking Longship said...

err, one word(well it's been a long day)

26/4/07 8:37 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

There's so much to say here, I don't know where to begin; let's just say that we will have to all sit down and have a talk about this Franklin and I arrive...

27/4/07 4:27 am  
Anonymous Herr Doktor Professor said...

A search on www.musipedia.org for a tune with the Parsons code: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRR" suggests you may be practicing the opening bars of Khachaturian's "Sabre dance from Gayaneh ballet" - an ambitious first piece......

....or possibly "Green Eggs and Ham" by Weird Al.

27/4/07 7:15 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

VL: rest assured, lessons are being arranged.
Eleanor & Franklin - a shame that your chance to listen to my playing 'live' as it were has had to be postponed. It's just possible that by the time you eventually get here it may bear some passng resemblance to music.
HDP: I'm unfamiliar with the compositional oeuvre of Mr Weird Al, but will investigate . . .

3/5/07 1:48 pm  

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