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Sunday, June 10, 2007

On Tour in search of the breakfast

Me, RW, the daughterous one (Ems) and greGG and the 2 grandkids – Audi & 'rilla are in Spain for a week visiting RW's parents 'June and Terry' (I kid not). Ems, greGG and A&'r are in one apartment and we, due to some misunderstanding on the size of the apartment, are now staying with J&T. The misunderstanding will be sorted on Monday – Spanish holiday company management do not work at weekends. We have to ring back at 9.30 tomorrow so for the next while (as they say in South Yorkshire) we will sleepover at J&T's.

We are in Albir.

10 June 2007: This morning it rained in Spain so we had breakfast at a Spanish Caff and discovered Pan Tumaca. Basically Bread and Tomato – Toasted not fried bread but despite that close to the Cumbrian delicacy. Probably - slightly healthier.

Benidorm cannot be seen from Albir. Apart from a couple of bars catering for the Brit tourist/expat contingent is still quite Spanish. I have resisted any attempt to speak Spanish so far relying on RW to keep me straight. Driving on the right, changing gear with my right hand, putting on belt with left hand, looking left at roundabouts…….. grief I don't know how the Spanish manage without RW and Ems keeping them in-line. Maybe if 'they' had remembered to bring their driving licenses then I could have said 'why did you turn right back there'. Nearly forgot to mensh that the left turn out of Alicante airport following the newly acquired SatNav device takes you to an entirely different Albir. This Albir added 70 minutes to our journey and another reason to be cited in RW's divorce papers.RW and I have still to speak civilly to one another. The circumstances are, you will understand, a little extenuating.


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