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Thursday, June 07, 2007

On days like these

There are a couple of days just towards the end of May and away from the start of June when Cumbria looks particularly good. The hedges and verges are just at the end of their first flush, a little manicuring is taking place, and the drive to work from Aspatria to Whitehaven is a joy. There's a point on the road just after the Chapelbrow roundabout when I can see at least half of Cumbria - from the mountains to the sea and from Whitehaven to Wigton. The temperature is 19oC at most, but it's glorious. 'You could almost live here' my inner voice opines.

Even the bit of my drive where I turn off the Cleator Moor road down through the 'nice' Hensingham council estate passing the 'lovely' hospital gives me an artist worthy view over Keekle and Wath Brow (sheer poetic place names) to the Ennerdale fells. You can tell that May be out. The morning shoppers are awaiting the free Tesco bus. The ill smokers are sat on the steps outside the hospital. Their pink-grey anoraks and car coats cast off. Sleeveless shirts and frocks with seconds from New Balance seem to be in. I swerve to miss a lurcher and narrowly glance a wheelie bin strategically placed 3 feet from the pavement by the black bag skirted dustbin men and say to my inner voice " sorry-I didn't quite catch that".

I do love and appreciate the place - I just wish that all Cumbrians did.



Blogger Gill said...

Seconds from new balance are THE trainers for all seasons and go with any outfit.They don't seem to wear out either. I love mine.

9/6/07 10:58 pm  

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