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Sunday, June 10, 2007

International Incident #0001

Picture the scene dear reader - well actually I can do better than that - words fail see photo. A near deserted holiday apartment complex Albir Spain. I was sitting on one of the white plastic things near the pool keeping any eye on my 6 yr old grandson Audi. The blue object to to the right of the picture near the pool is German. The German frau has arrived with her grandson. The little German plays in the pool just behind the tree on the left. The lady places herself with me directly in line of sight of her duty of care and begins to read. Do you like the German edition of Hello magazine? Eva does (I'm resisting the obvious jibes you will notice). I have not spoken. She then asks me to move as she cannot see her grandson. So I move.
Why did she not move? Why did she speak English? Why did she sit where she did? Why did I move without a murmur? Why does my grandson have a German car brand as a christian name? Can it be changed?
Last night at 'that round bar' we went for a night cap with J&T. Within seconds I was asked to move out of line of sight, again in English, by the Rumanian barmaid, of the TV screen. Apparently the big chain smoking German sat at the bar couldn't move and I had to. I didn't speak. I moved. Am I getting soft? Have I gone arse (as they say in Sarth Efrica)?


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