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Monday, May 28, 2007

Les Deli Cumbri XIX - reflux

One of the comments on previous postings said 'I bet you all have reflux'. Well I haven't. In fact the only thing that gives me reflux (apart from a bucket of red or white wine) is porridge. I love porridge to the point of putting it on my list of fave foods BUT it don't love me. One hour after an infusion of oats, RenWoman will say "porridge?" as she catches that pained look of 'the porridge afflicted'. It's much worse if I just have plain porridge made with water. The addition of cream, salt and butter (yes – butter) helps to ward of a reflux attack but not the addition of a shot of whisky. Once in the Okavanga delta darling (the ODD) and an hour after porridge, cream and whisky, and a lot of tutting from RW, I had a reflux attack. I was on the back of an open topped landrover in the presence of an interested pride of lion. There was nowhere to run and nobody helped .. I could have died. Maybe it was RW's tutting that brought on the reflux. Hah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Renman. I've never heard of oats doing a reflux number. Maybe, just maybe, grits would agree with you and might be a porridge substitute. A supply can be had!

29/5/07 1:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are grits? - pray enlighten

29/5/07 6:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grits are southern American - like porridge only corn instead of oats. And, like porridge, they are dandy with cream, milk, butter, a sprinkle of sugar. I think next trip Franklin and I shall bring some!

30/5/07 12:40 pm  

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