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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cumbria – The Energy Coast

On Friday I discovered a piece of Cumbria where you cannot see a windmill. It's in a dip in the road surrounded by high hedges. The road is a lane really between Pica and Rowrah (more on pronunciation of these place names later*).

It has just struck me that on the drive down the coast from Carlisle to Whitehaven there isn't a place (apart from the Rowrah Pica interchange) where windmills are not visible.

I'm all in favour of energy from the wind so I suppose I will just have to put up with the high visual impact. I quite like the look of windmills though, there's something quite pleasing about them compared to a coal fired power station or a nuclear one for that matter. In fact compared to the mining scars of the villages that are Rowrah and Pica they are positively beautiful.

*Pica – pronounced: PIE – KUH
Rowrah - pronounced: ROW (as in having an argument – not Boat) – RUH

I recently discovered that the PICA environs has decoy buildings dating back to the 2nd World War designed to trick enemy bombers in to not dropping their loads on Workington. Pity!


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