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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Kevin Bacon thing continues - at least between RW and WIR.

The WIR informs me that to get a Kevin Bacon number you have to have appeared in a film with the associate(s). Hence Paxman: Thingie: Bacon for WIR. The James Garner number that I have brought up, from where I do not know, has nowt to do with film it's just how far separated, by having met someone, is a person from James Garner or from anybody else for that matter. I remember reading somewhere that there are only a maximum of 6 degrees of separation to everybody.
So on that basis:
  1. I met David Jacobs once on Euston Station (had a sandwich and a chat about Pete Murray..)
  2. David Jacobs hosted Top of the Pops in the 60s and Samantha Just was the 'disc girl' for a while.
  3. Samantha Just married Mickey Dolenz (of the monkees) in 1968
  4. Mickey Dolenz was Circus Boy and Noah beery was his uncle (Joey the clown?)
  5. Noah Beery was James Garner's (Jim Rockford's) dad in Rockford Files

Does that give me a James Garner number of 5? Does anybody really care?

RW met Tony Blair once! Now that gives us all a problem. She has a TB number of 1. Do I want to admit to a TB number of 2? I think I may stop this line of thought once I have published. It's starting to oppress me.


Anonymous Eleanor said...

Well, yes, you better stop. Franklin and I have met Bill & Hillary, so where does that get you now?

20/9/07 10:42 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Where that gets me is a Monica Lewinsky Number of 3, which I think is nature's way of telling us this has gone on long enough . . . cigars & pizza anyone?

21/9/07 7:54 am  
Blogger RenMan said...

wait a min- I've met Bill C - so that gives me a Monica# of 2. I'm surprised now that the maximum is 6.

21/9/07 3:05 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

Wait wait there's more! According to the Starr Report, Franklin and I were in the White House during the morning of one of the afternoons when pizza and cigars were served.... That's got to be a Monica # of 1/2?

22/9/07 12:52 am  
Blogger RenMan said...

phew! I'm getting really worried now.

22/9/07 11:20 am  

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