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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hang Out More Flags

Saturday morning in Aspatria I find myself behind a car with a union flag and not one but two St George's crosses on its back window. Is this a record?
The unsurpassed offensiveness of the vehicle (a huge SUV) was compounded by the crassness of flying the flag in the one part of modern England that was never incorporated into an Anglo-Saxon kingdom.
Some weeks ago in Seaton I passed a car with, of all things, a Cumbrian flag adorning its bumper - a navy blue ground, white cross & the word 'Cumberland' beneath. Unfortunately a search of the web has yielded no clues where the driver might have dreamt this one up (there's a disturbing number of vexillographic websites without, errmm, any graphics), but I'm sure it's spurious. Still, I rather like the idea of sporting one - if anybody knows where they can be obtained, let us know.


Anonymous Peter said...

This is clearly a derivative of the S Petroc cross, white on black, of Cornwall. I think it is a matter of association of ideas rather than antiquity of origin.Anything, anything rather than the flag known to all civilised people as "The Butcher's Apron".

17/4/05 9:57 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

Rampant(crossed) sheep on a green background

17/4/05 11:44 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

How about a Cumberland Sausage on a gravy background?

18/4/05 1:28 am  
Anonymous Nick said...

Found this, using Google:
+flag +Cumberland +Westmorland

... not that I don't have better things to do..

18/4/05 7:36 am  
Anonymous Peter said...


18/4/05 11:43 pm  

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