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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Psychic Vet

I'm still not up to writing down the brother's death and funeral story yet so I'll ease in to it with the story of the water spaniel and the psychic vet.
Once upon a time we had an Irish Water Spaniel by the name of Molly. She was aggressive but seldom violent and had 'character'. Her devotion to her family was legend. When she was 8 she became epileptic. We had already had an epileptic dog a collie-lab called Sam (must tell you about his night in a Glasgow police pound) so knew a little. The normal vet treated the symptoms rather than the cause and Molly did not improve. After a fit which saw her missing from home for a week or so and some frantic searching (it must be double hell to lose a child 'cos the missing Molly was really stress making), she was eventually found and I embarked on a search of t'internet for 'epilepsy in dogs'. What took my eye was 'psychic vet'. Look- I'm a 50+ engineer with no soul (consult ex-wife), but I sent this french woman a note in desparation.
The reply was 'please send a recent photo and I will talk to her'. So I did. Within the day I had a response saying that Molly was riddled with arthritis and that this was slowing down the fluid flow through the brain and causing the epilepsy - tell your vet. So I did and he said ... ummm you could be right .. so he treated her arthritris and she improved. A few months later though she went downhill again so.... back to the PV. She said 'would you like me to talk to her' (me by email .. she by ????) Ok says me (email). 30 mins later PV says 'Molly loves you all very much but you have to let her go now, to the place where the physical pain will have no effect' . Molly was by this time unable to move and wet and thin and almost comatose ... so we rang the real Vet and he put her to sleep. Wife and children cry. I actually had sweat in my eyes through digging spaniel size grave. Onist.
Molly is buried under the iron cross in the garden with the other 3 dogs and 2 cats. .
She's still very much in our post-person's mind approaching the house each morning though. A psychic post-person maybe? Me - I remain unconvinced of course.
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Blogger Di said...

Molly was the devil dog - only a mam or dad could love her. If you believe in psychic vets - what about reincarnation? Have you seen how the Princess of Darkness is drawn to Molly's burial place in the garden?

21/4/05 9:51 pm  

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