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Monday, August 29, 2005


This blog has a rule about meta-posts - we don't blog about blogging or post posts about posts. Unfortunately an outbreak of comment-spam this evening has led me to break this rule for this post only. I've implemented the Blogger 'Word Verification' feature to discourage spambots from leaving their deeply boring automated comments. Real readers are positively encouraged to continue commenting, albeit at the trouble of copying the letters that now appear in the Comment dialogue-box. Message to spambots: thank you for your kind comments re how much you're enjoying this blog. Now bugger off.


Blogger Duckiputz said...

Good thing, too, just done it to my own blog.

Like the new flagging feature, I´ve seen so many blogs that were just outright spam, flagged everyone of them.

Stay alive,

29/8/05 9:39 pm  

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