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Monday, August 29, 2005

Les Delices De SA part 2

Les Delices - NO.
Amidst the sophistication of the Western Cape in SA there's the Venster Cafe in the car park of The Wildflower Garden, Caledon. The wildlife garden is superb: "The second major asset of Caledon is the world-renowned wild flower garden and reserve. The 56 ha garden is notable for its wonderful variety of indigenous flowers, superb examples of one of the richest flora in the world. Explore the Garden famed for its splendid displays wildflowerers - Namaqualand daisies, gazanias, the beautiful Caledon bluebell, about 135 species of protea and much else. Here you will find charming pathways and wooden bridges, lawns, picnic spots, an ornamental lake, handsome indigenous trees, shrubs, a prolific birdlife and of course the flowers. At the top of the mountain, you will see a fascinating rock formation called The Window. The gardens tea room provides refreshments and visitors can buy plants from the nursery. The garden is open daily from 07h30 to 17h00.Caledon is also well-known for its wheat fields, barley, onions and wool. Southern Associated Maltsters have in the town the largest malt-producing plant in the Southern Hemisphere. The malting factory processes 140 000 tonnes of barley annually. A wild flower show is held every September and a Beer and Bread Festival in March." The beer and bread festival also features 'bad sausage' - but that will be a separate blog. We (SAS, The Minder, Mrs RM and mesel) really enjoyed the garden and the reserve and inasort of way enjoyed the Vensters Cafe experience. It was 2pm we had wandered the reserve, admiring the plants, picking our way (risk assessmentment though not risk free) over boulders, broken bridges and slippery when wet signage and had got to the hunger stage. For charming pathways and wooden bridges - read: bloody dangerous rotting metal bridges. We retired to the cafe - strangely busy for a Monday afternoon. Seated in the non-smoking section of the establishment we admired the plastic tablecloths, the 'can't be bothered curtains, lampshades in some exotic plant theme and plastic floral arrangements. The 56 hectare garden cannot provide decorative flora .... aaargghhhh! The menu was mainly burger and chips. SAS and I chose the Eisbein. Only two left. These are traditional Bavarian fodder. I believe "Pig Knuckle". In the depths of SA you question? Will they take long to cook? They are cooked from fresh we are told. Oh my God says SAS.. and... How how long does that take? 2 minutes on high in microwave says our waitron. Despite two returns to the chef - mine remains 'off cold'. SAS manages the whole of his without comment. I do not want to appear a wingeing pom. I pick at the hot bits and cover the remains with the plate of Mrs RW's burger. However - I do manage to knock back all of the chips plus 2 cokes.
This is the way to live!? I will endeavour to describe a good eaterie in SA before we leave SA.


Blogger Nick said...

Bad sausage in another post? Clearly ze woerst is yet to come . . .

29/8/05 10:30 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

yup. I knew that this would trigger off the sausage pun warst.

29/8/05 10:41 pm  
Blogger RenMan said...

Wildflowerers .... aaarghhh... there's summat still wrong with the speel checker .. I was sure I'd corectid that for the tenth time... Am going to leave it now as I have grown to like the word. Also forgive some of the missing syntax, worms, granma and stuff

30/8/05 9:41 am  
Blogger RenMan said...

I forgot to mensh. Whenever SAS sees Eisbein on the menu, the pavlovian response is "eisbein with my little eye something beginning with P"

31/8/05 12:19 am  

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