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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

The family of tyto alba refered to in an earlier post make their nest fifteen feet up in the hollowed-out bole of a tree just across from my bedroom window. Besides allowing wonderful owl-watching opportunities this also means that my slumbers are serenaded by the birds' crepuscular shriekings. At first this was slightly disturbing - 'eldritch' is the obvious, if unsettling, choice of adjective. But this nightly chorus of long, low, rasping, drawn out screeching has become a kind of serenade, enlivened by the occasional sight of a white wing flashing through the greenery above the wall. Two nights ago, in the middle of our August gales, I was lullabied by the insistent counterpoint of the south-west winds moving through the trees of the garden in the evening, their threshings hitting the beat of the owls' shrieks just often enough to lull me into a profound and restful sleep . . .


Blogger Lex said...

God. A "Twin Peaks" reference. It's been years since I even thought about that show.

2/9/05 2:00 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Sad but true. Nothing else quite gave the sense of the disarming otherness you get from those sounds.

2/9/05 2:52 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

Loons fly over our house each day at approximatelyy 7:30 a.m. and then again in the evening around 8 or so right now. Soon, they'll be off south and we'll miss them in the closed-up winter house. Loons, like owls, really sound like nothing else.

3/9/05 12:19 am  

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