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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Days Of Heaven

To Keswick this morning. I drove along the unimproved switchback of an A-road on the east side of Bassenthwaite. On my left the Ullock Pike ridge of Skiddaw was wreathed in a haze of siena and blue. Over the lake the air was baking and the Lorton fells vanished into a series of receding bluffs and ridges, each one shimmering more gently than the last. There was an air of stillness and plenitude without a hint of dog-day heaviness.
I turned on the radio: Junior Walker & the All Stars were singing 'Roadrunner' -

'Cos I live like I love
And I'm gonna love like I live

Then the great piano-chords and the drums announced that saxophone break - and for a moment my mind was ravished by the sheer perfection of the world.


Anonymous Peter said...

Lovely: the possible expressed in the contingent.

1/9/05 10:12 pm  
Blogger Nick said...


2/9/05 3:18 pm  

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