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Monday, October 10, 2005

Cinema Cinema

Apologies to those who - as Irene pointed out - would have listened to Radio Cumbria last week had they known another film talk was being aired. The Cineaste & I duly turned up on Val Armstrong's show (summary: - go see A History Of Violence with Viggo Mortensen). In the evening we went to Kendal (sadly minus a flu-ridden Director) for the inaugural Cumbria Film Makers' Short Films Night. In a room above the Mint Bar 40 people had gathered to watch six shorts by local directors, some of whom were on-hand to introduce their work in an alarmingly loquacious fashion. The standard was varied: one or two stinkers, a high class piece Mavis & The Mermaid by Shoreline Films' Juliet McKoen, and one unexpected gem - Matt Palmer's Daylight Hole, about a sound engineer who encounters something very nasty indeed in the Cumbrian countryside . . . The evening was the first of a monthly series of such events & is thoroughly recommended.


Anonymous guile said...

can't wait to see a history of violence..

27/10/05 2:53 am  
Blogger Nick said...

guile - I can strongly recommned it. Excellent film. And Viggo acts!

27/10/05 10:12 pm  

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